Psychic Slave

Almost every day I read something about how we’re supposed to respond to critics and haters by working harder and longer to give them something to really get mad about, how we’re sup[posed to be “just getting started” and that haters should “be careful what they wish for” because meeting or exceeding their expectations are the key to our wellbeing and sense of self accomplishment…

…and I think to myself why should we give them anything?

The moment you agree to be judged by another person or when you compare yourself to them for whatever reason (they are stronger, they are prettier or more successful) then you are agreeing to become their psychic slave, forever in thrall to that aspect of theirs that you so desire. But do you really want your life guided and controlled by someone else? Someone else deciding what style of clothes you wear? The model car you drive? The school you send your children to? The food you eat? The charities you support?

The person you love?

Out of over 7 billion people on this planet you are the only “you” that will ever be made. You are unique and amazing and come fully equipped to meet and surmount every challenge and obstacle life has to throw at you. This makes you the only person you need to look to for guidance and whom you need to learn to love.

Do that and the only comparisons you make in life will be about what makes you happy…and ultimately, all those who you love and love you.

Believe. Go. Do.


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