Think About This

Think about this
when you look at the heavens
past the sky, planets, stars
into galaxies, nebulae,
you see clouds, colors, you
see time itself but, but,
you see it all in relation to you
to our eyes you see the
whole of everything yet
it is too big too wide too
far away to be real to
be there, it’s not, it can’t
be what you see when you
see at all.

Think about this
when you talk to, touch
someone, when your presence
is with theirs, you change
them, you alter their path
ever so slightly so you become
a part of them, you live on
through their motions, their
meanings, their trajectory
out, out, out toward
wherever they are, to
land, to be forever.

Think about this
those Magellanic Clouds
brightly huge and expanding
galaxies, those shimmering
stars so far away so unlike you
so distant that they combine
into weather patterns or
seemingly well someone
some day will be there and
you living through every one
that someone will be
you too.

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