Today’s A Good Day

The media gets paid by advertisers, advertisers make products and services they sell to the public, the public consumes media and therefore consumes the advertiser’s message…millions and millions of times a second all around the earth. That is the media’s business model and it is lucrative and hugely successful. The media truly believes in, and in fact depends upon the adage “you are what you eat” so they feed us the things that provides their clients the most bang for the buck.

Women are fed an impossible standard of beauty and encouraged to hate their own image because of it. Women are fed the lie, in thousands of different ways, that they are less than men, that they need a man to be complete and to be happy and, the worst of all, they are fed the idea that they cannot possibly be happy without the products and services that their advertisers sell.

Men are fed an impossible standard of capability and encouraged to hate their own accomplishments because they can’t live up to it. Men are fed the lie that they can only be happy if they drive the right car, drink the right beer and have the right job…all externally supplied. They are fed the lie that emotion and feelings make them weak and unlovable.

And always, always, always there are mega corporations—the advertisers the media depends on—raining down products and services to “solve” these existential problems. The media depends on us explicitly not loving ourselves and willingly making ourselves psychic slaves of celebrities, movie and sport stars, politicians, really anyone they can exploit and manipulate in order to convince us that we suck, that we’re just pieces of shit and that without their help, we deserve and will get nothing valuable and certainly not love from other humans.

All of that is complete and utter bullshit and the media is deathly afraid you’re going to find that out one day.

Today’s a good day.

Believe, Go. Do.


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