Sunday Morning Tourette’s

I absolutely love Sunday morning because it’s when I get to read the Sunday paper…the New York Times. If you could be invisible and just stand next to me you’d be startled every now and then with me suddenly rousing out of a semi-coma and sputtering “Fuckers!” or “Fucking Bullshit!” or, the most common, “Fucking Idiots!”. Yes, you might get the distinct impression that I equate the New York Times with sex considering the amount of fucking that’s going.

The reason I get all riled up and, in my empty apartment, yell foul epitaphs seemingly to no one is that the Times is the most liberal leaning rag you can find aside from the Washington Post or MSNBC. Especially the OpEd pages as they are the literary equivalent of a loud and sloppy orgy of sheer liberal bias. The amount of asinine, absurd and innately idiotic progressive liberal ideology found in those pages rivals that of any big government democrat…hell, I imagine Obama would blush reading some of it.

Anyway, an article caught my eye that I thought was particularly brazen in its slant inasmuch that it says that the economy (i.e. the financial system whereas consumers buy products from providers (retail products and services, housing, cars, etc.) who employ consumers who buy products…and around and around) isn’t growing because the government is not taking away enough money from us citizens. Seriously…I really wish I was kidding but the ivory tower liberals on the NYT editorial board really seem to believe this shit. Not only that but it has a HUGE contradiction when it says:

“Underneath it all is the fiscal drag from ill-advised and ill-timed austerity measures. With the expiration this year of the payroll tax break, personal income declined sharply last quarter, forcing consumers to draw on their savings to support their spending. That is unsustainable, presaging weaker consumption in the months to come and, with it, weaker overall growth.”

Which is to say that when the government started taking more of people’s money again (after giving us a little payroll tax holiday) we had less money than before so we used our savings to support buying new TV’s and aluminum siding for the house. After a while, our savings are going to run out which will hurt our ability to buy new shit.

They also write: “At the same time, cutbacks in government spending took a big chunk out of growth, reflecting, in part, the onset of automatic budget cuts under the sequester. The hit from lower public spending will only intensify in the quarters to come as the sequester takes full effect, threatening to push growth below its already paltry 2 percent average.”

This says that when they stopped taking some of our money (meaning we got to keep more of it) this caused us to stop buying new TV’s and aluminum siding for the house and that, the less the government spends (takes from us), the less shit we will buy.

What. The. Fuck.

I’m sure I look pretty funny on Sunday mornings, or at least like I have full blown Tourette’s, but it’s the New York Times fault,

…not me, honest.

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