A Bat to the Face

The next time you’re walking alone, say you’re in a park or even just the street…take out your earphones and listen. Listen to the sounds around you (and there are thousands) for a minute. There are people talking maybe or kids laughing or birds or honking horns or, what the hell, a cow mooing and all of those sounds are just differences in air pressure, they are frequencies—high and low pressures—like how when you put your fingertip on a loudspeaker, you can “feel” the sound.

So those millions of frequencies are bouncing around you, off of you, careening off walls, trees, cars at hundreds of miles an hour…but they cannot hurt you…they have almost zero substance. They are simply air molecules faintly beating against your eardrum which fires tiny electrical signals to your brain…which then matches the pattern to something it recognizes as sound.

Why then, when someone tells you that you are ugly or stupid or fat or undeserving of love…why does that hurt so much? If words are just faintly beating molecules against your eardrums, why does it feel like you’ve been hit in the face by a baseball bat?

The answer is that while the universe followed the laws of physics—what else can it do?—your brain took those faint electrical signals from your eardrum and formed the pattern of a baseball bat swiftly traveling in an arc toward your face.

Basically, there is nothing in nature that causes the hurt, you create the pain all on your own.

You should probably stop doing that.

Believe. Go. Do.


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