The System

In any closed system, there is nothing that can be created within that system that does not conform to the extent of the capabilities of the system itself. Look around where you are sitting right and imagine that you cannot leave the room you’re in. That is a closed system.

Now go build an automobile.

The schools we went to, the towns we live in, the religion we’re taught, the jobs we have, the marriages we’re in and just daily living creates belief systems that we use to cope with the world we live in. These systems have evolved but in many cases they are essentially closed systems because as we grew into adults, the systems themselves actively prevent us from seeing anything that does not conform to the capabilities of the system itself.

Now go cure cancer. Or quit your job to write a novel. Or act in a play. Or invent cold fusion. Or…

Please understand this, it is not enough to say or think that you want to do that cool thing or be that cool person because before you can do something new or different or scary or whatever, you need to extend the systems you’re living within so that whatever you want to do is within the confines of that system.

Or…my personal favorite….just tell those systems to fuck off, and just live. Just be.

It’s cool either way you choose.

Believe. Go. Do.


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