The Power of Subtraction

There are hundreds of people in thousands of books who want to teach us how to be a better people. How to succeed in business or life or whatever we’re trying to succeed in. They all have different methods and styles but it seems like it is always about something we don’t have. Some characteristic that we’re missing…but, surprise!…they just happen to have it to sell to us.

It’s always something we’re missing…

…but, if you believe nothing else in this universe, believe this; we are missing nothing. We were born with every tool and every capability that we will ever need in this world to be successful, to be happy…to be loved. Our larder is full, our cupboards overflowing. But…

…we also have fear. Some have lots, some little but we all have it. It is the thing that stops us from doing the things we want, stops us from succeeding. We don’t need to add anything to ourselves, we only need to remove the fear we have. One by one, all it once…however it’s done…rid yourself of fear and you will do what you want to do.

Nothing else required.

Believe. Go. Do.


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