By themselves they seem so unimportant. We form them in our minds to represent the material world around us and they become aggregations of sound we project meant to confer a concept, an idea…meaning. Connect a few of them together—write them down or speak them aloud—and they convey stories we tell to people other than ourselves. These stories describe something—important or unimportant equally—about things we’ve observed or felt about in the universe around us. The more these stories are shared and passed around, from person to person, generation to generation, they become the very facts and evidence we base our beliefs upon.

These beliefs become our basis, our way of life in an overall society of over 7 billion humans but more importantly, these beliefs allow us to form our own sub-societies where we have more effect…more impact…because, in order to feel more connected to each other, we organize ourselves into groups and clubs, into cities and states and finally, into nationalities and religions.

While we use nationalities and religion to search for connection, we also use these to separate us, to disconnect ourselves from those whom we believe to be inappropriately different. We use them as justifiable excuses for fearing and eventually hating other humans…and wanting them to come to harm…simply because the words that represent the ideas that they have in their minds don’t match the ones in ours. We’ve seen this many times in the history of this planet with billions of humans dying as a result.


By themselves they seem so unimportant…

Believe. Go. Do.


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