Just the Thing

When you want to do something, maybe something you haven’t tried before, maybe it’s something that’s a little scary where you think you might fail. Try thinking about it this way; take the idea and strip away anything you’ve thought about it before, separate it from what you think it is. Remove any comments about it from people you know, forget that they said anything about it and isolate it away from anything else in your mind.

What you have left are just the actions that are required to complete the task…because that’s exactly all that it ever was. Nothing more, nothing less. It was never the turning point of your career…or the reason why he’ll love you…or whatever boogie man created in your mind. Simply, because it is just a task, an activity, there is no pressure from the shame of failing…or the glory of succeeding. There are no artificial barriers or contrived pitfalls because there is no emotion…no “what will my parents think?, or “what will I do when I bomb?”

Just the thing.

Not so scary anymore, eh?

Believe. Go. Do.


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