That will be free please

There are lots of people writing lots of words for helping you be a better person. To lose weight, to make more money, to gain success and fame…to do things you want to do…they all write from different perspectives and have different methodologies and all of them aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. The reason why is because they all come from the angle of “this is what helped me” and, seeing that you are not them, that sort of advice is hardly relevant…to you.

Now you may disagree, thinking that with enough study, work and concentration you can become very much like them (and they really, really want you to believe that as well because it’s what makes them money) but it will never happen the same reason why a glass of water sitting on your kitchen countertop doesn’t spontaneously combust into a roaring conflagration; it’s impossible.

You are you; an amazing and uniquely human being on a planet of 7 billion other amazing and unique humans.

While you cannot change who you are, you can change your behavior (you do it all the time, sometimes without even noticing) so, the question is; how do you change your behavior? How do you make sure you do the things that lead to your goals (versus all the other bullshit that doesn’t)? That’s really what we’re all asking and the answer is surprisingly simple…

…and free.

When you look at your life, when you seriously examine the things you do, the habits you have, the routine and the spontaneous, you will see that the things you do the most are the things that are the most important in your life. That’s it. If something is important to you, you don’t forget to do it, you don’t misplace it, you don’t delay it…basically, you remember and do it. Consistently and all of the time. If you want to do something (or more of something) different like be better organized, have better time management, study or work harder, eat less or exercise more…whatever it is…make doing it important to you.

That’s it. Make it important and you will do it.

That’ll be $0.00 please.

Believe. Go. Do.


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