the very slimmest visible sliver

What do you know about yourself? I know it’s a tender subject and you may deflect that question saying ‘what does any of us know about ourselves?’ but you actually know a hell of a lot about yourself, admitted or not. A lot of it painful, as it turns out, so the deflection is normal but, that said, you certainly know your preferences, your loves and hates, likes and dislikes, but much more importantly, you intimately know how you got those preferences.

You know the magnificent triumphs and the dismal failures along the way, the screaming private demons as well as the joyously singing public angels. You know depth and breadth and are able to see all of your inner workings laid out in tableau…the connections, the linkages and causal relationships…and innately understand why you are you. And why you do the things you do.

OK, maybe not now but someday you will. 😉

Now I know I’ve said before that once you compare yourself to another, you’ve become their psychic slave, forever linked to their choices, they’re life plans. Another thing I want to point out is that when you do that comparison, you are comparing the massive library of inner data you have about yourself to the, so to speak, mere book cover that is the other person. Simply put, you can never, ever know another person as well as you know yourself. Ever. So you are comparing *all of you* to, what? .05% of them? 1%? 5%?

The reality is that you only know their joyously singing public angels, the superficial surface of their public view as they seem to excel and succeed in everything they do. What you can’t know—because these are the things we tell no one—is the seething self-loathing that may be a millimeter beneath the surface, a raging self-doubt that may only be whispered inside their heads. The dismal failures, strenuously hidden from the public, that have formed their preferences.

You are comparing the immense and far reaching totality of yourself to the very slimmest visible sliver of another person.

How’s that working for you?

Believe. Go. Do.


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