Be Useless

Understand this; we want our answers to be easy. We want them to be simple to the point of infantile so that we can be completely and utterly sure that they are right…that they will do the job but, much more importantly, that we understand them. Answers that require us to think, to reason, to weigh choices are the worst because those answers seem as hard as the questions!

They make us feel that there might be two or three different ways to interpret them therefore we feel confused, unsure…inadequate…and ultimately unhappy because of our discomfort. We want our answers to be simple and to the point because society—corporations and the government via the media barrage we are subjected to, every minute of every day—has trained us to believe that it is hard to think, that it is too difficult to determine the best choice among many.

So we search for simple. And safe.

We seek out the easy answer because society doesn’t want us to think. Thinking gets in the way of controlling us and if we are not controllable then political parties and corporate marketing departments have no use for us. By engaging in deliberative thought, we mean nothing to their polls and surveys and we definitely don’t increase their revenue margins or their voting blocks.

Basically, thinking renders us useless and unusable by society.

I’m OK with being useless. You should too.

Believe. Go. Do.


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