If you watch science fiction movies, especially the older ones, you’ll notice that the spaceships are sleek with swept back wings and slender, needle-like noses. Very aerodynamic…with the operative word being Aero. In those movies, the machines that are meant to travel in deep space between stars are designed to efficiently slice through atmosphere.

As in air.

That doesn’t exist in space.


So think about this when you’re contemplating a problem that needs to be solved. The information you have now—like the negative effect that air has against rockets flying efficiently or far—may not be the information you actually need to solve the problem. In fact, using the wrong information, even if it’s the only information you have, may make your problem worse. Sometimes you have to wait for the right information before you try to solve your problem.

All of the time you have to check that the information is correct…

…before you fly into space.

Believe. Go. Do.


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