When people say, “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about,” about the government spying, I am simply aghast with disbelief. It’s just so hard for my feeble little mind to comprehend that there are people that actually think this way. It’s something I can’t rationalize because it makes no sense and there is no justifiable excuse. I am compelled to ask “Do you want the government to know who you voted for…or will vote for? Which political party you give money to…or you refuse to give any party money? That you have a genetic disease…or cancer? Do you want the government to know how many times a month you have sex with your spouse…how many times a week you masturbate?”

Why don’t these people care about their privacy? Don’t they know that privacy is the absolute cornerstone to freedom and liberty? Now I’m not some tinfoil hatted conspiracy theorist but do they really believe that the government is their friend and will always look out for their best interest?


And what makes their best interest is more important than one of the other 400 million or so citizens? Our interests cannot be the same so one group will suffer from the best interests of another group…that is just an inevitable fact…and it is exactly why privacy is so important to us.

Or should be.

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