I was watching a television show recently where people were fighting, fist fighting, and I realized what it takes to be able to do that. Not necessarily to win but to just get in there and do it. I watched professional fighters and I saw something…they didn’t particularly care about getting hit. It’s not that they weren’t scared, just that it seemed irrelevant, the getting hit part…

…just completely irrelevant.

And I thought that there is much to learn there about life. Not particularly the fighting part but the understanding what is irrelevant part…and just letting it go by. I mean fighters have a job to do and the irrelevant stuff—the fear of getting hit—is meaningless to them about getting the job done, it’s white noise. They turn that fear into just so much white noise…a meaningless background hum that soon is not even consciously heard.

Imagine that you can turn the things you fear in life into a meaningless background hum that soon you don’t even hear? Then the irrelevant stuff becomes meaningless to getting the job done…

…the living life part, that is.

Believe. Go. Do.


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