A Friend Was Married

We often think of it as a start, a
wedding, a moment where the
memory etched feelings of the
past; a line, a point from where
we were…and then we are, but
is that right? Is it a demarcation
or…is it a crossing of many arcs
and orbits all meant to be, all
meant to happen? Think of the
people, bubbles of energy all
on their own trajectory, all in
movement, all affecting all like
gravity like burning stars in deep
black space, far but small points
like swarms of lightning bugs we
are ever moving, ever orbiting
our future selves and now, my
friend has found her orbit, her
trajectory aligned with another,
found but fated, their directions
mated toward mutuality, toward
always and ever toward…so not
a start, a continuation of energy,
of love, meaning and bundled
motivation, gathered a family, a
moment in time, an eternity in
a thought she is orbiting herself
a well found, needed, deserved
happiness and pulling into her
orbit a family, a presence , a
joined arc, a combined future;
it is not a start but a continuation
of love, of being, of now.

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