I’m right, no I’m right

Consider what happens when you get in a vicious argument with yourself—some people might call this making extremely difficult decisions—but in essence it’s an argument (a mean and nasty one too). Then think of what happens in the same type of argument with someone else. If it’s an intense, deep belief on both sides then each takes a position and holds their ground, disregarding the other’s point, irrespective the ideas and thoughts expressed. Each side *knows* they are right and that is that. There is no wiggle room…there is no backing down. Very rarely—almost never in fact—is consensus reached (think Palestine/Israel, death penalty in the US, less filling/more taste) so the argument itself becomes the status quo, accepted…it becomes a way of life.

Everyone loses. Constantly and consistently.

Now look at that argument you’re having inside…have you taken two opposing sides, staked out your position and are unwilling to budge? Have you just accepted the fact that you will never come to a decision? That there is no hope of reconciliation? That the argument is now your way of life…

… and you’re losing?

Sometimes we need to step a little away from ourselves—get some relatively objective perspective—in order to see if our unhappiness is simply a long running argument were having with ourselves. If it is then resolving your unhappiness may be just a matter of having one side capitulate it’s position and just let go….whereby one side “losing”…

…you win.

Believe. Go. Do.


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