The Fear Killer

Think about something you fear. Deeply think about it…turn it over in your mind, feel the terror, the uncomfortable feeling in your gut, the sweat starting to form…now stop. Now think about what could possibly stop you from feeling that fear, the many suggestions you’ve heard over the years, the sage and kind words told to you by parents, the lies you read on the internet…

…why didn’t any of that work?

When you look closely at the things you fear—I’m not talking about a wayward glance over the shoulder or a casual look from the corner of your eye but *really* looking at it—then what you notice more than anything is that the things you fear are the things you have the least amount of information about.

Think about it.

Fear of heights isn’t about the height, it’s about falling from up there and how do stop yourself, how do you keep from dying on impact…the fear of failure isn’t the failing part, it’s how do you do something you haven’t done before, how do you face friends and family after…fear of intimacy isn’t about being afraid to be intimate, it’s about how other people will react to your secrets, to your feelings , to the way you think…and on and on.

Fear is not some internal brain structure that we all have, it’s not something that is permanently tattooed on our brain and which needs a huge and complicated effort, psychological programs, etc., to deal with. When looked at closely, fear is simply the absence of the key information you need. Not *all* the information available but simply the stuff that counts to you.

The key to overcoming fear is to learn what that information is…and…um…well, that’s it.

Believe. Go. Do.


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