Every Friday

On a Friday night after work, 90% of all the actual brain activity happens before you step out the door…texting, emailing, calling (where are you? No, where are you?) figuring the perfect opposite sex magnet clothes, and again, another time…ok, again and finally, 2 or 3 more times, then it’s deep Yelp research and more texting, some more calling…so that by the time you step out that door, all the wheels are turning, all the gears in motion…and…

…you don’t go where you planned and the people don’t show up when or where they say and you feel stupid in your clothes and that place that was supposed to be so cool is not…at…all and you’re frustrated and mad and eventually drunk and wait, who’s that, my-oh-my then it’s conversation and it’s deep blue eyes and really? Oh that’s amazing, me too…until it’s too late o’clock then it’s a cab mumbling yes there no there yes here is fine…

…and the couch works it’s close, oh man a burrito would be perfec…zzzzzzzzzzz

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