When confronted with hatred, racism, intolerance and the seemingly evil intentions of people it’s best, in the great majority of cases to just feel sad, and pity them for they aren’t responsible. People didn’t used to believe the earth was flat because they woke up one day and it just occurred to them. No, they were told it was flat. They were told by authority, by kings and courts, religions and priests…

…how could they not believe it?

Humans aren’t born to hate, to be racist or intolerant…they express these hurtful, damaging things because whomever they held out as an authority as they grew up told them that that was correct. Whether it was parents, their church, the clubs and organizations they belonged to…they were taught these things were true. Once these lessons are learned it is very, very difficult to undo those beliefs…even if their particular authority stropped teaching hate…

…but imagine how challenging it is when the authority doesn’t stop.

Remember this with your children, your friends, your church and club members—all of the people in your life—because you may not know that you’re an authority, you surely are to someone, maybe many people…

…and that means that *you* make a difference.

Your words.

Believe. Go. Do.


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