Right? Wrong?

The purpose of the play we call our justice system is to assign justice and not “find the truth” because even though there is only “one truth” or reality in this universe, each and every player on that stage perceives it different. Some see right where others see wrong…some hear good where others hear evil…our minds are constantly under barrage by conflicting senses which continuously push and pull us to and from the answers we believe are true and the ultimate choices we make.

Justice is a concept of moral rightness taking into account the inalienable and inborn rights of all human beings but morality is fungible and fluid across demographics. The seemingly impossible script that our justice system attempts to follow is, starting with the imperfect laws written by imperfect man, balancing those conflicting standards of morality and delivering results that are as “mostly” right as possible

Our justice system is imperfect, sometimes bent by prevailing politics toward specific outcomes, often times unfair to the individual for the benefit of the majority but—as an institution made by man for the use by man—it is the best this planet has to offer.

6 women heard and saw the evidence in the Zimmerman/Martin case, were told and retold what the law says and means, and were then ultimately asked to decide which testimony and evidence was more right than the rest…and to digest that into a result and, regardless the possible ramifications and effects in the future, they did.

Right? Wrong?

No…it was justice.

Believe. Go. Do.


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