The Purple Quilt

Think about this (and don’t lie, you know this happens all the time) you have a brother or a sister, a mom or a dad, cousins…someone close to you and they do something—like make a choice, or buy something, or say something—that you think is the stupidest damn thing to do. In fact, to you, it’s clearly and obviously the stupidest thing that they have ever done and you have no idea why they did it.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

These are people you intimately know and grew up with…in the same environment, in the same schools in some cases, definitely in the same family…so you know their mannerisms, the likely things they choose, the habits they have. You’ve had dinner together too many times to count, went on rafting trips, cookouts, the beach, you mowed the lawn and emptied the gutters…you lent money to them or borrowed some…

…yet they did something that is so outside your understanding that you literally cannot think of a reason why.

Now…think of a young man or an older white man several hundred to maybe thousands of miles away from you. The only thing you know about this men is what has been reported in the media…in one way on Fox, and in a completely different way on MSNBC…and you are asked to predict what these men would do under a certain set of circumstances.

You are asked to explain the choices they made.

Even though you can’t even come close to explaining that hideous purple quilt given to you by your grandmother—who fully expects to see it on the couch when she comes over—whom you have known the 50 years of your life and have lived 3 doors down from her for the last 26…

…so…It’s OK to say I don’t know.

Believe . Go. Do.


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