This is something I don’t understand; people posting news about crimes where the racial details are reversed (with respect to the Zimmerman/Martin case) yet the cops or the courts virtually ignore it…and the associated community feels no need to protest. The people who post proudly point to this like it means something in the wider sense of justice in the United States. The thinking—I am extrapolating this from opinion as well as fact—is that showing these other crimes is somehow a repudiation of the hue and cry that has arisen from the Zimmerman trial…that these examples show that there is just as much *if not more* reverse bias crimes therefore the people yelling should…well…

… shut the fuck up…basically.

While I understand their need to defend the justice system (my theory being that that much of their identity is wrapped up in the idea that the system itself represents fairness and social equality therefore if the system is wrong then they are too) presenting evidence that other (reverse bias) crimes have occurred in some other part of the America, regardless that they have attracted community attention, means exactly nothing to the subject of racial equality overall.

None. Zero. Nada. Zilch

What they are really pointing to—of course they don’t know this—is the fact that this country is far too big and diverse for there to be any realistically efficient or effective central, federal government…which is what is needed in order for their arguments to be valid. The only way that it means anything (that other crimes are going unheralded in the press) is if the other jurisdictions were exactly the same, in almost every regard, to the one down in Florida.

I live in Brooklyn…do I think that the social mores, the common understanding of social justice and the community strengths and weaknesses here are exactly the same as those in Florida? Maybe if I was a dumbfuck, sure, but I’m not a dumbfuck so, no. The differences between here and there are so many that it belies the imagination to think that I could list them all.

How then could I make any kind of comparison?

Simple. I can’t therefore I don’t…before anyone tells me anything…

…I shut the fuck up.

Believe. Go. Do.


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