Destiny, Fate, Humility and Grace

We watched Fate stand up and
walk to the edge and leap
and fall and fall away until
it was a speck then nothing more
Destiny laughed, always expecting
the sirens sad, sad call
calling for madness and chaos
from a far and distant shore
Grace wept in the backroom,
tragic fingers wiping tears
in the shadows sat Humility
with a strange surprised look
at what us pitiful humans
have become
How we got to this ending
is what we want to understand
we debate and discuss and
talk about it in halls and in taverns
in courts, the street, over meals
and inside the minds of man
contemplated as shallow graves
or empty, immense caverns
Religion itself couldn’t carry
the load that was required
and tore itself to shreds on
the brittle sharp rocks of facts
religion couldn’t withstand
the many leaders that were hired
they always turned out to be
mean and simple circus acts
Destiny demanded we
look for the truth in their words
and in their books but
they are the ones delivered
by the hands of man only…
we paid them…but money
changing hands just led us to crooks
who lied to us and decided
to take from us as much as they can
We were let down by gods
and demons both, we kept looking
on the chance that we might
stumble across the truth one day
a whole world truth that resonates
that integrates that replicates
we’re left dismayed, delusional
and with little left to say
Destiny laughed because
without insight or self-instruction
we make choices and decisions
with pity instead of science, with
morals derived from lies, the
simple and the magnificent
Fate saw the fiction, read the
writing and simply jumped
willing us to follow, waiting
on the other side.

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