Hey! I can see reality from here!

When we make decisions, we’re trapped within a fundamental system that endeavors to direct us toward choices where our species has a better environment, one more conducive to us propagating and surviving. It minimizes failures and over emphasizes success…often attributing what went wrong with external sources and what went right, internally.

Simply; if I won it was my doing, if I lost it was caused by something else.

This deception is in place in order for us to continually expand our environments, to constantly be on the lookout for the next conquest, the next new area explored, the next new way of hunting. If we were governed simply by reality, humankind might have died off a million years ago simply from being depressed about our failures.

The next time you are in a position to question a decision, imagine giving advice to a friend who faces the same decision. By removing yourself from the equation, often you will find you will tell them something other than what you would tell yourself.

You can see reality once you get out of the way.

Believe. Go. Do.


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