Just be.

It is not enough to live, we
must be…and all that
that means; be aware of
ourselves, be cognizant
of others, be ready, be
strong, be able when asked
able when not, be always
and never, be silent and
so loud the universe
responds, be told and be
listening, be forward while
looking rearward, be here
now, be transparent and
solid to those who need us
be flowing when barriers
arise, be stoic when they
are within us, be in motion
and motionless…be all,
everything and nothing, be
the end as well as the start
be able to bend but break
when needed, be ready to
rebuild, be honest but be
smart when the truth
would harm, be that which
you want, that which you
need…be the shadow of
your own greatness, be
able to see beyond the
thing that is you…be…
…just be.

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