My Own Light Rising

It is a feeling that arises
slowly, lights it’s way forward
in my soul as the miles
slide beneath me, step
by step as the pavement
is cold or hot or wet or dry
as the sound in my ears
in my head on my skin
reverberates to each fall
of foot, each stride pushing
forward I feel it begin as
an idea, a rhythm, a small
target at my center, the thing
to aim toward to strive for,
to align this body, this mind,
this motion ever falling
forward I aim to arrive at the
place I never left, begin the
end before the start…I move
in order to feel, feel in order
to live…I am the road beneath me,
I am my steps my rhythm
a frequency that spills out from
the center, from the middle
of me to the ends of me…it is
a feeling that arises slowly but
as motion and moments collude
and collide and push push
push forward; I am the motion
I am the moment…I am the
steps the slide the minutes
flying by I am my soul in flight
into places I want to feel to be
to want like wanting is living
like motion is survival, I am my
soul; I am running and I am
alive in this minute moment
motion, I am the end result,
the vector toward that
small now large now
encompassing target inside
I am my own light rising,
I am running.
I am alive.

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