The Nuclear Tan

What we call reality—the human version—has been invented by us in order to overlay some kind of explanation on things…we’re like that you know…because we can’t handle uncertainty. The unknown is so massively threatening that we’ve invented religion in order to install a god over everything, we invented society to install gods over our tribes and we invented the practice of medicine (physiology and psychology) in order to install a god over ourselves.

Everything gets a name.

Actual reality exists regardless our thoughts about it. We can have endless discussions about the nature of man, about the pros and cons of one political affiliation over another, we can argue tirelessly and without end about Skinner’s world of behavioral motivations versus Freud’s where deep seated memories rule our actions but none of those words over words over words will mean anything to a rhinoceros…or a tree…or the water of the oceans. An aspect of reality is that the sun is the closest star to the earth at about 93 million miles away. It takes about 10 minutes for the light, generated by a constant process of both nuclear fission and fusion, to reach the earth. Our existence is absolutely and 100% dependent on that light reaching earth yet our existence is totally irrelevant to the sun which, although the subject of many romantic notions of goodness and light, couldn’t give a fuck if the earth was here or not.

A few billion nuclear explosions and 10 minutes later I tan. Whether I think I should or not.

As we stand on this planet of roughly 7 billion humans and we think about our place in the universe we should know that it is small, infinitesimally small, and what we do or don’t do only has impact on the people and physical things that immediately surrounds us. We should know that, as far as reality is concerned, the effect we have on it and the universe is unnoticeable.

Literally unnoticeable.

Until you try to cut in line at a NYC restaurant though, that shit definitely gets noticed.

Believe. Go. Do.


2 thoughts on “The Nuclear Tan

  1. Just wait for the buildings in Fukushima to collapse into the nuclear sludge underneath! When all that explodes, you can get an AWESOME nuclear tan, especially on the western coast of the US or Canada…

    • We die now, it happens in 50 years, no difference to reality. Our existence only matters to us because we have literally created that existence by the mechanisms of our brains and intellect. If our brains were made differently, say we were silicon based lifeforms (versus carbon based) our brains would be differently built thus our reality would be significantly different. Actual reality, however, will not have changed either away and, again, would not give a fuck about the 7 billion of us.

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