Objective Change

In a global society that has grown out of small tribes and the patriarchy of strong male hunter/gatherers—clearly 90% or more of our evolutionary arc—into the various patriarchal religions and governments, we essentially teach girls that they are objects. Not specifically sexual objects (although that is a huge component) but merely objects outside the realm of humanity. By being objects there are strict rules that must be followed, rules that boys and men, “real people” need not follow.

Objects are owned, people are not.
Objects are silent and stationary, people are not.
Objects can be sold, lent and given away, people cannot.
Objects are made to be broken, burned, used up and eventually destroyed, people are not.

It’s only be deconstructing the essence of our current misogynistic society, down to this “human as object” level, that we can begin to reconstruct the society that should be. If we are constantly treating the symptoms—sexual, political, government policy, etc.—then all of our energies will be misdirected and eventually useless to us.

We won’t ever change the world simply because we’re doing the wrong things.

The change comes now, at birth, where the dividing line between boy baby and girl baby can be erased. Where blue and pink can be simply colors in a huge spectrum. Where separate boy and girl teams can slide from memory so that it is talent and drive that decides players. Where cooperation can replace violence as a means to an end because the former is useful and the latter is not.

Where girls can look forward…

…and see the exact same future that boys do.

Believe. Go. Do.


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