Fight, Eat or Fuck

Something interesting about mammals, likely non-mammals too but specifically about us is that we tend to not notice things that don’t move. What I mean is that it’s in our DNA to only look for things that change within our landscape view…because things that move likely want to hurt us or we can eat or we can have sex with. Those are the big three that Mother nature instills in us in order to make sure we make more of us.

That’s our only job, by the way, to make more of us….to procreate and spread throughout the planet.

But here we are, a hundred thousand years after coming down from the trees and we have iPhones and tablets and TVs and microwave ovens and Taxi Cabs and Amazon home delivery and on and on and on…so what does it mean to us that we only notice things that move? Simple really, in the hubbub go, go, go society of today we only notice those things that change enough that they grab our attention because EVERYTHING is vying for our attention! There are a billion gazillion messages assailing us 24 hours a day and our brains have to make a decision about what to care about…so we don’t go mad from the overload, therefore…

…what doesn’t change we don’t care about.

Now what kinds of things don’t move (really it should be things don’t change) in the world of today? Hmmm, what doesn’t change is that we constantly date the same person (with a different name, different hair color maybe) but essentially the same person time and time again and we are always disappointed. What doesn’t change is that we negatively react the same way every single time to the same stimuli (Mom asking when will she have grandkids, Dad asking when we’ll get a real job, friends asking when we’ll stop fucking up our lives, etc.) and we don’t know why we do what we do.

What doesn’t change, we simply stop noticing yet live with the unhappiness anyway. What doesn’t change are things that we ignore because it’s safer. Because it’s easy and not disruptive.

I’ve started looking at the things that don’t move…

…maybe you should too.

Believe. Go. Do.


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