a copy of a dream

It is not the stars that light the skies, not
my skin that feels the warmth, and
it is not the moment that passes,
that moves me
it is you and the space you create when
you sit near me, when you look into my
life and see me looking back at you, a mere
anecdote, a persuasion, a miniscule part
of what we call the universe…
we are simultaneous
we are on a trajectory, we are…and we aren’t
many other things and ideas but in that clash
between yes’s and no’s, we are movements,
shades of something momentous,
we simply exist and want to exist and
everything conspires to allow existence on
this seconds-minutes-hours date,
in this moment
we are everything at once and
in between acknowledgement
and execution, the face of time slows to
glance at what we once were
and smiles in passing, gathering karma as
it goes…laughing at our seemingly
inexhaustible ability to create dreams
unrequited and eventually lost, to be
the ideas that we could never believe
if we weren’t already living them.

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