I waited…

“Love yourself mother fucker!” Shouted the wizened old man on the corner or the street. I could barely see him he was so small, so half in, half out of reality…but I could hear him.

“For every shitty thing you hate about yourself, for every shameful little regret you have, for every spiteful and infantile overreaction you’ve ever screamed out…you will find every single one of those in the people you meet.” He went quite for a second…then shouted “Every single person you meet!”

I stood and just absorbed. A wind carried trash over my shoe, the cars rumbled past, I waited. The old man twenty feet away stared back. I waited.

Finally, just before jumping onto the crosstown bus he opened his eyes wide directly at me and said in a perfectly soft whisper that I could both hear and feel, “Love yourself and you will never see those things in another person again…and you will love them for it.”

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