The Pass

Two men are walking from opposite directions toward each other down an increasingly narrow pass in the mountains. They live on opposite sides of the mountain and are returning to their families bringing food and money home. They are coming to the midway point of the pass where on one side is the wall of the mountain going almost straight up thousands of feet, on the other side is a sheer drop…again, for many thousands of feet. In that place there is really only room for one man to walk safely down the path at a time. It is a crisp, clear day with visibility for miles and miles. Each man can see each other for some time before they’ll meet. Neither slows his pace. Closer and closer they come to each other, all the while maintaining their speed on the narrow path.

Finally, they meet up with each other at the midway point and have to stop moving. Neither has clearance to the other side for the path is blocked by the man in front of him and neither is backing up to let the other pass. They stand and stare at each other. Before they talk or make any kind of statement, let me ask a simple question;

“Who’s fault is this impasse?”

Both men saw each other coming from a long way away, both have equal rights to walk on the path, either could have halted until the path was clear. Either could have altered their travels—the path itself, the speed they were walking or even stopping—in order to avoid the other. Both kept walking, completely ignoring the progress the other was making toward the midway point.

That’s right folks…

…welcome to Washington DC.

Believe. Go. Do.


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