Think about this; when you play chess, you play from many different point of view. You’re the king, the queen, the court and the feet on the street, the pawn. When you are moving each piece, you have rules that you have to follow, constraints that keep you from doing things outside your place in the social order. As queen and king you are revered and protected, rooks and knights and pawns sacrifice their lives for you. When you are a knight , a rook or a pawn, you gladly give your life to protect your king and queen.

These are the roles that we agree to when we play chess. Our regular lives are very similar…we agree to roles and the rules that we follow. We have kings and queens in the form of billionaires, movie stars and politicians as well as rooks and knights (maybe what we aspire to) and of course millions and millions of pawns…what we likely are.

It is how we live our lives but always, always, remember…at the end of the game, the king and the queen, the rook and the knight and of course the pawns…

…all go into the same box.

Believe. Go. Do.


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