A Fifth Leg

This is what I just realized…yes, I am a bit slow sometimes…and it’s that saying something is the “BEST EVER” or that someone “completely destroyed” someone’s argument or that an article/video/whatever will immediately change your life is almost never true. Ok, ok…it is *always* never true.

But it’s what bombards us daily on the interwebs.

No one can just say “Hey, this is pretty cool, you should read/watch/participate in it because I think it’s important/cool/whatever” because there are a gazillion different people asking you to do the same thing. Mostly people you don’t know. Do you really want to see something that someone you don’t know thinks is cool? What if they’re a racist? A pederast? A liberal? What “kind” of cool are they talking about? Odds are it’s the kind that’s going to make you uncomfortable or, at least…

…sincerely wish you had listened to mom and dad when they said “don’t talk to strangers!”

There is no kind of cool/awesome/life changing/whatever that can created just by calling it those things. It is or it isn’t, regardless who is promoting it. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Calling a dog’s tail a leg does not give a dog 5 legs”

Now transplanting another dog’s leg onto the chest of a different dog, attaching all the veins, arteries, muscles and sinews, connecting the hundreds and hundreds of nerves so that the leg is functional and then taking a video of that five-legged dog chasing a ball…

…that will change your life.

Believe. Go. Do.


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