Who Wins?

Here’s an interesting thought, the powerless resent those in power simply because they can’t change the relationship, they can’t rise above the situation because they believe too fiercely in the equation; money = power. In the world we live in now—where we no longer count on physical strength (90% of the population at least) to be the gating factor for being powerful—we assign power to another measure; money. And because we measure power in terms of dollars (or yen, pounds, euros, tec..), people with money, at least more wealth relative to others, are considered to be “powerful” and deserving of enmity and hatred.

Regardless how many millions (or billions in some cases) used for charitable purposes, to fund clinics and hospitals, the arts…and on and on…those with moolah (dosh, cash, clams, bucks, etc.) are the enemy of those without. Period. Regardless what those in power do or don’t do, the first response of the powerless is to hate them, to distrust them and to build vast and complicated frameworks meant to bring them down…to make the powerful powerless like themselves. The powerful are not immune, they are human after all, so all of that energy devoted against them has to make them a little nervous, a little angry and ultimately, a little more disposed to returning that hatred.

And politicians know this innately…because, well…that’s why they’re politicians.

With one hand they take campaign “donations” from special interests and corporations and with the other they write speeches denouncing those who they just took money from. They promise “free” to citizens in order to amass votes yet deliver “costly” so that those who have donated are taken care of. They use the imbalance of income—as if that means anything to either end of the spectrum—as a weapon of mass “distraction” because if the poor are fighting the rich and the rich are fighting the poor, then neither are looking too closely at the political class and dammit! politicians are the ones who need to be under the microscope more than anyone else.

They count on us not noticing them.

What people conveniently forget is that if they only look at money as the qualifying factor for whether to hate someone or not, they always overlook the fact that they probably have more money than someone else…so are being hated just as irrationally as they, themselves, hate others. So the next time you write a post or want to reply to a comment in a public forum, think about *who wins* when you write about hating the rich, or (if you’re rich) hating the poor…and here’s a hint…

…it’s not you winning.

Believe. Go. Do.


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