we want

we want to feel
we want the synthesis the lightness the ever-all and more
we want the brightness of love of grand gestures of
imagined history aligned with what we believe
we want and want and want while having
and not noticing
we want to feel as if feeling was the thing
the thing that makes us alive, we want
what we don’t know we have
we have
what is all we ever need
we want to feel and be and see and breathe
and conceive of the things that would make us
without question…just
we want to feel
because we are told we don’t, we can’t, we aren’t
we are told what we cannot should not will not
as if telling is the same as killing
the same as stopping…breath…heartbeats…
living…we are told not shown what it is to be by people
who don’t know that they are even alive
we want told to feel like it is a commercial
and advertisement with a goal, an objective, a prize
we want to feel
it says so on the label
but feeling isn’t
but living can’t
but breathing wasn’t
there is no label is no sign is no
30 seconds from our sponsors
we want to feel because we are born and we love and we fuck and we eat and we play and we work and we cry and we die and we sigh and we run and we sweat and we move and we moan and we shift and we
and living is feeling
if we stop wanting
and start being

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