Happy, um, whatever…

From now on this is my post-racial, multi-cultural, pan-religious, all-inclusive, ambivalent gender and sexual preference neutral holiday greeting:

May you personally, or have your theocratic government direct you to, choose (or choose not) to enjoy the upcoming arbitrarily noted “significant” days whatever that significance is, based purely on you, your social demographic or sexual proclivity as well as (or because of) the overarching and/or oppressive orthodox/fundamentalist religious upbringing you have been subjected to might dictate…in the context that enjoyment is understood by you and only you…wholly dependent upon the level of independence you feel is necessary and required (or allowed by said theocracy) and may those significant days bring you emotions that can be compared to the general idea of what “joyous” would infer on a basic human of any size (height and weight), age, gender, race, religion or political persuasion.

It’s either that or just a quick “fuck off dickweed!”

I’m undecided.

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