I was watching a movie this morning and there was a scene on a sailboat where they came about and changed directions. I watched the amazingly complicated dance of pulling in rigging, adjusting sails and shifting the boom from one side to the other…many separate processes and moving parts but all working seamlessly together to produce a predictable outcome; turning the boat. I thought about how that dance was created. First it was the physical reality of masts and sails and ropes that had to be invented and re-invented over and over again to get to the state they are in today. Each individual part designed for a specific thing to do, each has a purpose; catch the wind, hold the sail tight, winch the rope…but all put together as a single and efficient whole.

And people had to become part of that process, they had to learn what to do, how to tighten the sail, winch the rope…the part that each individual plays in that complex dance. That process happened millions of times over the centuries—always evolving to be more efficient—as Neanderthals we sailed from Africa across the Gibraltar Straights into Europe and later when modern man sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas.

I was looking at that intricate dance of turning a boat and thought to myself that we so often lose sight of the millions of different processes of life (constantly going on around us) because we’re so intently focused on the single and efficient whole…life itself…


…I’m immensely thankful for taxi cabs at 3 AM, for food delivery guys on electric scooters no matter what the weather is, for friends who listen to my rants, for machines that do what their supposed to (when their supposed to), for subways, for double espresso’s and everything bagels with cream cheese on cold mornings, for Russian girls, for rooftop bars, for sidewalk food vendors, for Brooklyn, for smartphones, for high speed internet and the trillion other tiny details—that I can’t see—but that all together…

…plus you…

…is my life.

Believe. Go. Do.


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