Lather, rinse, repeat.

A new year sits just over the hill, undoubtedly rubbing its sweaty palms together, smiling and drooling at the thought of the billions of humans who sit shivering and silently whining—if they are not in fact rolled up into tight little balls of jangled nerves and cramped muscles—waiting for it to come storm trooping across the ridge…and with big shiny black boots…to kick the living shit out of their dreams and hopes. Dreams and hopes because they have no real “plans” that actually consist of “actions” that will get them closer to a “goal”. Now, I may not know a lot of things in this world but, I do know one thing…wishes and dreams are for people who want the future to change…without having to change themselves. Think lottery winners…

…you know, people who generally don’t exist.

I call this thinking a Sequentially Timed Overt Operation for Planned Increases in Disappointment (or STOOPID) Syndrome. Yeah, I like the acronym too 😉 and you know I call it “stooped” because inherently, people know that wishing and hoping for something ALWAYS gets them nothing and never will but they keep on doing it. With all the evidence in the world at their feet that wishing and hoping has never once delivered on its transformational promise, they turn right around from the end of one fresh disappointment and start wishing and hoping again.

Kinda like religion…but without the funny hats.

Seriously I feel for the billions—thinking up the perfect New Year’s resolution that will *solve* everything—who truly and firmly believe that wishing and hoping are their only strategies for success because they have such little belief in themselves that wishing and hoping are their *only* strategies for success. And it’s not like they don’t know what evidence and facts are. The evidence that they believe, actually believe and not just pay lip service to, is that they’ve disappointed themselves so many times in the past that they can only see disappointment in the future.

And a few words from some dude on social media is not really going to change their thinking, not even a handsome dude with a great and infectious smile and an ope…OK, OK, I get it, I’m moving on…so what is the answer, the quick fix…the perfect resolution?

Nope—sorry—that shit doesn’t exist…not coming from me it doesn’t.

The actual answer is called reality. It’s called planning, analysis and execution. It’s called hard fucking work. It’s called stop dreaming and start doing. It’s called start small and change a habit, a small habit that you dislike and win that little war. Learn what you did right, what you did wrong and go on to the next thing you want to change.

Lather, rinse, repeat…

…and you change the future.

Believe. Go. Do.


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