Always know this …you have a choice.

It may be a shitty choice or an obvious choice or even what seems like an impossible choice but always, always, always…you have a choice. There is an old saying that there are only 2 things that are unavoidable, death and taxes…but that’s a lie. While it’s true that you cannot choose to avoid death (yet!), you can definitely choose not to pay taxes. Of course there’s a good chance you’ll go to prison, be bought for a carton of cigarettes and ultimately change your name to Phyllis but…you have the choice.

However…knowing that you have a choice is absolutely required prior to making a choice…otherwise it’s just a random event…and that gets you nothing valuable. Believing you don’t have a choice about something…anything…is the choice you make to accept randomness as a way of life. That the simple throw of a die or the spin of a wheel is how your life is controlled.

Randomly. Not by you.

You may believe that there are many things in your life that you do automatically, that it isn’t random at all and that you have no control over those reactions. “He pushes my buttons and he knows it!”…”She intentionally makes me mad!”…””That goddamned traffic made me run that red light!”

“What she said…made me hit her…”
Whatever you think about these being automatic, uncontrollable reactions…you are wrong to think that. Everything you do is a choice…any particular choice just may have been made years ago and you are simply repeating it because that’s the easy thing to do. Being aware that all are choices is hard, it must be learned and it must be practiced. You always have a choice and when you realize this, when it truly sinks in and takes hold…

…it will fundamentally change the way that you view the world…

…and you will be amazed at the choices you’ll make.

Believe. Go. Do.


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