Nothing To Eat

Consider this, you’re in the kitchen and you open the refrigerator to get something to eat. As you stare at the food the cold air starts to slide out onto the floor around your feet and you start thinking about whether you should actually eat anything. You start to consider the pressure that society has on you to be thinner, more fit. The innumerable messages you’re bombarded with every day about what your body “should” look like. Suddenly your cell phone rings from the living room so you go to answer it. Forgetting that you’ve left the refrigerator door open, you stay in the living room to talk to a friend.

What happens to the cold air in the refrigerator?

Does it continue to flow out even though you’re not there to witness it? Do physical events continue to occur regardless your attendance or you even knowing that they occur? Of course they do, and have done so for billions of years. Look at the planet around you and see the continuing evidence of this being true. Reality does not need humans to experience physical events for those events to be true. But, a bigger question…

…does the societal pressure to be thin and in shape stop once you stop thinking about it?

The amazing thing is yes, it does, because that pressure relies on you knowing it intimately and having it be a part of your consciousness. It cannot effect you if you do not know about it or know about it in enough detail for it to be relevant to you. You do not feel the pressure to exceed in school like a Japanese student does in Tokyo…unless you ARE a Japanese student in Tokyo.

The point is that these pressures, these thoughts that we think are akin to physical events—immutable and unstoppable—are nothing of the sort. They are merely patterns of synapses and axons in our brains that we’ve mapped to specific ideas and thoughts we have.

Nothing more.

And these ideas and thoughts are so impermanent that they can be wiped away —once we know and believe that it is possible—thus allowing us to fundamentally change how we see and experience life. Fundamentally change our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses…

…who we are.

Now go close that damn fridge door, you think we’re made of money?

Believe. Go. Do.


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