Hello Darkness, or not

So, um, yeah…that death thing. I was thinking about it…actually I have been thinking about it a lot lately but not in a dismal, “oh woe is me, that’s it I’m ending it all” kind of way…more happily (philosophically happily anyway). So, as I started to say, I was trying to figure out why humans are so afraid of death and I stumbled upon an idea that, at least to me, feels revolutionary, and that is that we don’t fear death itself, we fear “missing” life when we’re gone.

Think about it.

Think about being sad because you’re going to miss that show you want to see…or you’re sad because you imagine the success you’ll miss by not going to Grad school…or the fun you’ll miss by not buying the convertible sports car. As humans we project ourselves into the future and base current decisions on the things we imagine we’ll feel then, not how we feel right now.

No one ever plans to be unhappy, right?

Or unsuccessful or unsatisfied or unfulfilled…we all plan on something better than now so I think people are afraid of death because of what they’ll miss, the good stuff their planning for their future that they won’t get to experience. And that made me laugh…that’s the part that struck me as being the key to our fear because after we’re dead…

…we can’t feel or experience anything.

As in zilch, zero, nada, nothing…not even unlimited emptiness or darkness because that would require senses (to feel/see/hear the contrast). When we’re dead there is no looking back and wondering what we’re missing because there is no thinking, no sense, no feeling…everything just stops. So how can we miss anything?

As a result, I’ve stopped fearing death because I will never be able to regret or feel anything about what I’m missing after I’m dead My strategy now is to live this moment, this minute to its fullest and it’s best—even if that minute is filed with the most boring repetitious work and drudgery…

…because there might not be another after it.

Believe. Go. Do.


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