Political Fact

Political fact. Let that roll around inside your mouth for a minute, feel it’s slimy smoothness as it slides across tongue and teeth but also its edge, it’s protrusions…it’s “almost” razor blade sharpness. Say it out loud…Political Fact. Over pronounce the guttural “P” and “T”…Political Fact. Let it sit there in the air in front of you, mocking you, calling into disbelief all that you thought you were sure of.

Everything that you believe about the people who lead us.

Political fact is not only oxymoronic, it is the actualization—literal translation—of non-drying modeling clay into actual words; malleable, formable, changeable. It is the use of words as mere figments…user defined and subject to change…to convey whatever meaning is needed at the moment. Even if the moment is continually changing, the words will keep up…and be redefined as required. The “actual” words meaningless and bereft of value, they are chameleon pieces of the puzzle, transformed on contact.

Political facts are irrelevant to political party, they are untied from governing, from the scheme of things. They exist by fiat and by the pressures of power and the hoarding of power whilst simultaneously being the fundamental underpinnings of power.

Political power cannot exist without political fact.

The people who leads us, who govern us are generally unable to experience the self-awareness required to realize how deeply and fundamentally they lie to us. They believe what they say because it is “political fact” never seeing its manufacture, it’s creation and management through to its transformation into an entirely different product, over and over again. We can ask the question “Can a lie tell itself apart from the truth?”

Does water know it is wet?

Political fact guarantees that there will be more losers than winners, more poor than rich, more hungry than fed, more ‘have nots’ than ‘haves’ and more lies than truths because political fact cares nothing for reality. Political fact cares only for the power that it can create and maintain. It cares for girth and reach and breadth and bigger and bigger swaths to govern and control because power and money flows from control.

And control is everything.

Forget political party, forget deeply held philosophical beliefs, forget domestic or foreign, defense or economic policy…forget what you know about the people who govern us…

…instead, concentrate on allowing them as little as possible to govern.

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