It’s not medicine

Do you ever wonder how many scientists and government and non-government agents as well as media and news reporting people—holy shit they have to number in the thousands…if not more—that are all keeping the secret (apparently from the pharmacology industry as well as you) that 5 servings of raw rutabagas a day absolutely cures cancer? Or maybe it’s ginseng or St. John’s Wort or one of the gazillion other alternative medicine, “free” and natural resources on this planet. It doesn’t matter what the magical, mystical “thing” is…

…it’s a fact that they are all keeping such a vital and life changing secret from you because…um…

…because they’re not.

There is only one kind of medicine, the kind that causes—through experimentation and documentable proof— a demonstrable and positive change in an underlying (negative) physical condition. It is based on facts and evidence derived from hypothesis and scientifically valid experimentation run by multiple, unassociated groups using the same resources following the same formulations and processes.

Alternatives to that are not called medicine, they are called wishes.

That there is some huge anti-human health conspiracy roiling just under the surface of our government, our universities and, most importantly, our huge pharmacological corporations all designed to restrict or eliminate these alternative, “free” and natural resources in order to maximize their profits is not only ludicrous, it’s just plain impossible.

We are talking about vast swaths of human beings—the same type of idiots who won’t let you merge on the freeway, who throw trash on the street, who walk so slow in front of you that you just want to push them into traffic—all uniformly and consistently keeping a massive, world wrapping conspiracy amongst themselves. The same people you hear on the grocery store line telling a friend on the phone about their cheating wives or husbands, their deadbeat delinquent kids…

…or who tell you, in intricate detail, all about their boob jobs, their sexual dysfunction or upcoming colonoscopy’s on Facebook! You really think that all those idiots—and you and I might be included in that population–can keep something like “curing cancer with vegetables” under their hat?


Believe. Go. Do.


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