Random Zen v1


I woke up thinking about animals with razor sharp teeth and started wondering how often they bite their tongues. I have regular old human teeth, mostly molars but a few incisors, and I bite my tongue—or worse, the inside of my mouth—a couple times a month…and fuck it hurts. Tearing up, stomping feet, cursing the world hurt. If a lion or a bear or tiger did that it must be super painful….so…

…now I know why they’re so mean and grumpy.

And speaking of grumpy, well, at least mean, have you ever wanted to beat the hell out of a body builder just because they have all those muscles? They get the girls, they kick sand in your face at the beach (saw that in the back of a comic book) and generally they are simply badass…so why not want to beat them up? Well…I know exactly what to do…

…and when.

I’ve been lifting weights for about 3-4 years and I have to tell you, the best time to physically attack a body builder is right after they do a massive upper body workout. Seriously. You barely have to tap them on the shoulder to get them to cry like a baby…and they couldn’t lift a glass of water—let alone a hand to protect themselves…

…believe me, I know.

But if you really want to talk about something that just doesn’t sound right, we have to mention the fact that beautiful girls and women hate their own looks more than anyone else on this planet (hate their own looks, not hate the beautiful girls). I’m not kidding (but less than the way you’re thinking about it). Consider this, beautiful women are beautiful because they are close to the “ideal” that our chauvinistic and misogynistic society endlessly promotes…and that’s the point, they are “close”. They aren’t it exactly. They have flaws the same as the rest of us ugly people but their flaws are magnified a bazillion times and constantly noticed by themselves and others (to try to “bring them down” to our level)…but…

…dating celebrities, head of the line privileges and free drinks make up for it I guess 😉

Believe. Go. Do.


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