Queue up!

This is the conceit of progressives…that they know best about <insert highly controversial subject here> and that their answers are the only correct answers. It doesn’t matter that they have little to no experience in the subject matter…you see, they have “principles” that override actual real world experience. Additionally they have academics in shining ivory towers churning out reams and reams of massively complicated programs and policies—designed to be paid for by other people—who will then receive no benefit whatsoever from the programs they are paying for. But I digress…the question is, “How much should a CEO get paid?”

How the hell should I know.

And that my friends is the point. I have no idea of his/her education, work experience, technical background, family history…nothing…nor do I know anything about the inner workings of the corporation, the compensation committee, the organizational structure…basically how anyone, let alone the CEO, gets compensated whether it’s money or stock or shiny red apples. I do know one thing though…

…it’s none of my fucking business.

I also know another thing, and I know that this other thing is as true as anything is true on this planet. I know that if someone came off the street and walked into your place of work, whether it’s a hospital because you’re a nurse, a market because you’re a grocery bagger, a 29th floor conference room because you’re a business consultant—or wherever you work—I know that if that person walked in and, to all of those around you said, in a VERY LOUD voice, exactly how much money you make…*and* that you make far too much money…*and* that you should be paid much less…

…I know that you will be pissed off.

So as you listen to the Elizabeth Warrens and Bernie Sanders of the world go on and on about how they know that CEOs are paid far too much money (while they put speaking fees and book royalties in their own bank accounts) just remember that while CEO’s are first in line to be pulled down into dismal mediocrity by “progressive” thinkers…

…you’re standing in the same line…it’s just not your turn yet.

Believe. Go. Do.


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