Imagine if…

I like to run little thought experiments in my mind, just to take things to logical extremes, just to test my own petty little theories (about life, etc.) on a more than willing subject…namely, me. One I have been running in my head recently is that I imagine if everyone on the planet, all 7 billion or so, loved themselves, simply accepted who they are…for their successes AND their failures…for being saints as well as sinners…for simply being human…what would be the outcome?

The world’s economy would crash overnight.

Social media…traditional media….TV, newspapers, billboards and even word of mouth. All incestuous little bastards getting their heads together to figure out how profit from the perpetuation of your self-hatred. All bent on the idea…no…the irredeemable treatise that the deeper your self-loathing, the more decrepit your sense of self is, the more money can be wrung from your wallet or purse.

  • Ford, Mercedes, GM, Honda, BMW, etc. don’t sell cars, they sell lifestyles and if you don’t buy their cars then you can’t have that lifestyle. You can’t have the social standing or the beautiful family or the big house or the amazing parties or the…and on and on and on.
  • Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, etc. don’t sell clothes, they sell self-esteem and glamour to people who cannot believe that they have that intrinsically, just by being human.
  • Budweiser, Coors, etc. don’t sell beer, they sell the love of a gorgeous blonde or the thrill of whitewater rafting or the camaraderie of special close friends or…and on and on and on.

If the world’s population suddenly became self-aware and realized that they have been buying things that they have always had, that huge corporations and even governments have only ever been selling them lies since time memorial, then the very underlying fact that supports commercialism worldwide simply disappears…

…along with the world’s economies.

Simply, if you love yourself—sincerely accepting all facets of your existence as a human being, deserving of love and to love—then there is no advertisement, no social media pressure, no Super Bowl commercial that can sell you anything that you don’t want to buy already. That can convince you that there is another life that is in any way better…

… than the one you currently have.

Believe. Go. Do.


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