Warehouse Shopping

Imagine being let loose in a huge warehouse with thousands of floor to ceiling racks, aisle after aisle after dimly lit aisle, set from one wall to the other (which is so far away that it fades into the darkness) and told, in one of the billions of boxes—which are not marked or numbered on the outside—to go find a Defrazzle Fribricator, with no google, no smartphone, map or app to help you find it.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Truth. A thing we constantly look for without knowing what it is, looks or sounds like.

Now there are billions of people on this planet who say that they know what truth looks like, that the books behind their religions contain plenty of them if only you would look (and pay the toll). There are others who say that their governments or philosophies are where you’re going to find truths but again, there’s a cost involved…a commitment to be made that precludes everything else. On and on and on there are people lining up to sell you their version of the truth.

All of them are wrong.

Sure, there are various truth looking things out there that may or may not be applicable but if those things aren’t first found within yourself then they have no relevancy to you or your life. They mean something, sure, but not to you…not really. Truths about a divine creator that have no essential underpinning of facts, truths about economics that make no sense unless you’re on the “right” side of the transaction, truths about love where power replaces compassion…

…all irrelevant truths that are useless to you.

We all have truths within us that we inherently know, just by being human and living, and they only need to be connected to reality—the thing that connects all of humanity together—for them to become relevant to our lives. We know how to love, we know how to cherish, to create and extend…we know these things to be true because we feel them, we are them. They are in us from the beginning…hardwired in our brains from day one.

So…before going from unmarked box to box to box in that vast and unmapped warehouse, ask yourself first a plain and simple question…

“What the fuck is a Defrazzle Fribricator anyway?!”

Believe. Go. Do.


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