Born free

Free speech.

Do you realize that the United States was the first country on the planet to embed in law the fact that no one has to “give” us permission to speak our minds. Think about that. Up to the late 1700’s, all speech was controlled and regulated by the government, whether it was a dictator or a monarchy of a Czar, they all “gave” their people revocable rights to their speach and boy did they control what was said….

· Hate the king? Say it in public and you hang.

· Dissatisfied with your allotment of bread from central planning? Say it in public and you’re shot in front of a firing squad.

· A little miffed that the Czar appropriated your entire farm and stole your daughter to be raped by his guards? Say it in public and your head will end on a pike.

Back then—sadly like some countries still today—you were born owing everything to the state, and they gave back to you what they decided to…whether it was speech or the fruits of your labor or even your family members. The state owned your body, mind and soul and you had no choice in the matter…at all. None.

And then came America.

The amazing and courageous men who founded this country knew that they wanted a country that could unleash the potential of mankind, a country that could far surpass every other p country on the planet and they knew that to do this they needed to recognize what everyone knew to be the truth anyway; man is born free. He needs no government to grant him this freedom.

His first crying breath is a cry of freedom.

Those incredible men also knew that inevitably, free men would come to understand that a part of freedom, some say *the* most important part, was the freedom to question the government itself, to constantly be the watchful eye that makes sure that freedom, true freedom, remains in this great country.

Which is why I want you to call me a fucking douchebag asshole.

Go ahead, it’ll feel good I think. Or a dickhead…or…whatever you want but I want you to freely express your feelings and ideas to me even if those feeling and ideas would have me doing physically impossible self-copulation while strategically mounted on a horse heading out of town. The point is…

…I don’t have to like or even understand your speech for me to want to protect it with my very life.

I really wish everyone thought the same way.

Believe. Go. Do…mother fuckers!


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